Z.G. Tomaszewski  |  born in 1989   |  Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tomaszewski has three published books; “All Things Dusk ” an International Poetry Prize winner selected by Li-Young Lee and published by Hong Kong University Press in 2015 as well as the chapbooks “Mineral Whisper” (Finishing Line Press, 2017) and “River Nocturne” (FLP, 2018). Tomaszewski currently resides in the midwest lending his hands to preventative maintenance in historical spaces. Because traveling tends to offer such a wealth of creative inspiration and fresh perspective, he spends much of his free time applying for artist residencies, reading (and re-reading) books from his private home-library, occasionally stopping to write on hiking trails and giving readings as well as poetry lectures when time allows. When there’s a pause in that routine, Tomaszewski can be found making music, tending to the garden, listening to the porch chimes with his lips to a cup of perfumed green tea, rummaging through thrift stores with a ponderous agenda and going for long drives exercising his northern-eyes pointing out every red-tail hawk, deer and sandhill crane in sight to his lover.


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  1. […] Z.G. Tomaszewski, born in 1989 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has two books of poems, All Things Dusk (International Poetry Prize winner selected by Li-Young Lee and published by Hong Kong University Press, 2015), the chapbook Mineral Whisper (Finishing Line Press, 2017), and another chapbook forthcoming. New poems appear in Blackbird, RHINO, The Cortland Review, Barrow Street, Portland Review, diode, Poetry International, and Terrain.org, among others. He works as a handyman and maintenance man and also organizes the Lamp Light Music Festival. Follow him on Twitter @ZG_Tomaszewski. […]

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