All Things Dusk

Z.G. Tomaszewski’s first volume of poems, All Things Dusk, was chosen by renowned poet Li-Young Lee as the 2014 International Poetry Prize Winner and published by Hong Kong University Press.


All Things Dusk is the winner of the Hong Kong University International Poetry Prize of 2014. In this collection we witness a continual merger of self with landscape, sky, water, fire—the elemental self; of self with creature—the animal self; the failure of self and then, magically, a transcendence of self into the soul of the world. Our manifold being is presented through Tomaszewski’s interaction with the heart-felt, the mind-felt textures of the ordinary. We can look to the poems to show us some proof of the spiritual life, or, if nothing more, a testimony to the senses.

Of the book, here’s what’s being said:

“These visionary poems suggest that every world is manifold worlds, that mundane experience is saturated with the sacred if we practice using the heart’s and soul’s eyes to look and see. In this book, the world is measured by the heart’s scale and the soul’s rule, and the result is a beautiful human singing.”

Li-Young Lee, Final Judge of HKU International Poetry Prize 2014


“Reading Z.G. Tomaszewski’s All Things Dusk is to be re-united with every universe and atom of existence. These lyrical prayers emerge from when, as the poet writes, “the self is still.” In Tomaszewski’s vision of a shattered Eden, there is transcendence of and immersion in all that is with us. The paradoxes comfort, sustain, and restore awe’s truth.”

Jack Ridl, author of Broken Symmetry (recipient of the Society of Midland Authors Award for Poetry), Losing Season, and Practicing to Walk Like a Heron (chosen for the poetry gold medal byForeword Reviews.)


“Bravely opening with a poem titledThe Soul, Z.G. Tomaszewski then gives us a rural landscape where pond, dragonfly, a bat’s wing, a mountain are transformed, made new with the magic of his imagery. Here is the mark of a true poet, who sees the Big Bang in a chrysanthemum stone, wants to become the coyote’s howl, the seed in the pine cone, to pinch light from adarkness even as he also wants this darkness.All Things Dusk is an extraordinary, timeless work.”

Patricia Fargnoli, author of Winter and Then, Something


“I’m much impressed by the lushness of imagery, the keen observation of the natural world, the imaginative connections all working together to form a powerful, organic whole. I think the evocation of the things of this world echoes throughout in such a memorable way.” 

Robert Haight, author of Feeding Wild Birds and Emergences and Spinnerfalls


“Z.G. is a living, breathing minstrel.”

Chris Dombrowski, author of Earth Again and Body of Water (Milkweed 2016)

“In this wondrous first book we see that dusk is not only a prelude to darkness, but a prelude to light once one realizes ‘There’s spirit separate in body but same in source.’ These poems speak gently with wisdom. Listen to the wind within many of them, how it whispers beneath the words, how it shows us the capability of motion within our selves. The one true thing we need to exist in this world is breath, and this prodigious young poet gives us that at the risk of leaving himself breathless.”

Kyle Vandeventer, poet


All Things Dusk has been nominated for several awards: Debut-lizer Prize, Housatonic Book Award, ForeWord Review Book of the Year, Phillip H. McMath Book Award, and a few more to be announced.


All Things Dusk is available in paperbound and e-book in Asia and throughout North America. A book launch celebration was held at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, February 5, 2016. Copies available online and at your local bookstore.


Here’s a review of the volume, published in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal


all things dusk


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